Your Habits decides your future. “Succesful individuals don’t simply float off to the top. Arriving requires centered activity, individual discipline, and heaps of energy consistently to get things going,” says American creator and business person Jack Canfield. Also, he was unable to be more exact.

In this way, don’t allow old habits to keep you down. Begin constructing these straightforward yet fundamental habits for a more joyful and more useful life:

1. Talk Less, Listen to More and Ask Better Questions

You don’t learn anything by talking.

So shut up and listen more.

Learn to ask better questions. Make other people feel interesting. Seek wisdom from everyone you meet.

You have two ears and one mouth. Use them in the ratio to which they were given to you.

2. F*CK What You ‘Want’… What will You Bleed For?


Everyone ‘wants to be a millionaire, have six-pack abs, enjoy a crazy sex life, and go on amazing adventures.

The fact that you desire these things doesn’t make you special. If anything it makes you normal.

So stop telling me how much you ‘want’ something because no one cares.

Instead, determine how much you are willing to sacrifice to achieve what you want.

You can have, do, and be just about anything you set your mind to.

But you must be willing to pay the price to get it.

3. Success is about more than Money

Some of the most miserable people I know are wealthy beyond the realm of your imagination.

So stop predicting your success and worth on the number of 0’s in your bank account.

Because guess what?

One day, you will die and the money you worked so hard to save will be squandered by your children, stolen by the government, or, at the very least, gone in a few centuries.

A better way to measure your success is in love, happiness, and adventure.

Are you doing cool shit with your life? Do you have people you love and who love you back? Are you happy when you wake up?

If the answer is “Yes” then you are a success.

Regardless of how much money you have in the bank.

4. Have More Fun

The most successful people are the ones who have the most fun.

I respect Richard Branson, not because of his wealth… But because he earned his wealth doing things he loved.

In a similar vein, I actively disrespect many wealthy people because they wasted their entire lives in pursuit of money.

Write down 10 fun things you’ve been wanting to do but put off.

Got em?

Ok, now go do one of those things tonight.

Boom! More successful already.

Among these 6 Habits this one you need to do every single day.

5. Get Fit AF

Get Fit – Not only does a high level of fitness make it more likely that you will live longer, but it guarantees that you will live better.

There is no price you can put on waking up with the energy and motivation to go out and dominate your day.

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of being comfortable in your own skin and knowing just how much your body is capable of.

Besides, being fit and healthy makes everything else in life better too…

you will be more productive at work, you’ll be happier, and simply better.

This one is very important among all these Habits.

6. Don’t take Things Too Seriously

You’re going to die.

I’m going to die.

Everyone will die.

The most famous and important people from 2,000 years ago are barely remembered today.

Emperors who once controlled most of the known world have been all but forgotten.

No one gives a shit about you and, at the end of the day, nothing really matters.

And this is the most freeing thing you can believe.

It permits you to play all out. To chase your dreams, scoff at failure, have fun when things get hard.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all dead anyway.

We might as well enjoy the ride while we can.

So, Build all these Habits to be unstoppable!

Hope this helps.

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It’s damaging your brain cells. So stop using mobile phones all day.

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